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Alone love Terror

You are alone because of your arrogance, or your inability or your decision not to compromise and mostly because of your restrictive understanding of loneliness. None of these have anything to do with luck or God. So quit blaming everything and everyone else. Loose the attitude, come down a few notches or heavens in some cases. Quit making a spectacle of yourself only to garner pity and no real consequential relationships. Stand up and fight for whatever your goal is. Carping will not result in resolution. Life will run out if you keep instituting your quixotic standards as your only guide. Compromise and learn to be content. Compromising in love is not similar to compromising in life.
Remember, your are beautiful because someone else thinks so. You are a good person because you behave lending to that fact. Beauty is truly skin deep.Value people who care.

Dying alone isn’t the worse thing in life, never making anyone feel like you loved them is.

Being not loved isn’t the worse thing either, never making someone else feel loved is.

Tread lightly, no one is getting out of this world alive, be it war or peace.

Killing innocent people in the name of God is a sin, call it what it is. A man can justify any act should he decide. There is no more reprieve from your lonesome existence in a blaze glory then it is in you dying old alone an no one to care for you.

You want to fight for Syria, go to Syria, killing random citizens in random countries is against all religious preaching’s.

God is love, love God, love his creation.

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My duty

It isn’t that some of us don’t want to be around people, it is that some people have made us feel that we shouldn’t be around. Some people came into our lives and made us feel like we have no hope. As if we are untouchable and better, hidden on the bookshelf like a book that the librarian believes no one would understand.

How I deal with being made to feel that way by someone, whom I tried to save and she ended up pulling me under to pull herself up? By understanding that what else would she do? If you spent a large part of your life in cold water half frozen? It is no telling what you would do to get out. No one had a gun to my head to go after this person, to save them. The decision was mine and mine alone. Did I expect different? Yes, but I should not be doing deeds based on reaction of other’s, but do them to for simpler reasons, such as helping another soul in need.

To push me down to a point where I cannot see myself is not something one human being should do to another. However it is my duty to remember who I am.

A broken mirror will show you broken, understand that and know, that even a mirror cannot always tell the truth.

Remember yourself, know who you are. If you do not like yourself then change it a better version.

Remember that everyone is not qualified to give you advice or criticize you. Too often we let words though, that are meaningless. For words, spoken in anger are usually a reflection of the person speaking.

It is your duty to be good and know the difference between good and bad.

It is your duty to hold yourself accountable. If you are good then believe in yourself and be proud.

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Remember how much we loved each other? Where I couldn’t stay away from you for a minute? Where you would always wish I was there?

That amount of love does not simply vanish, it is infused in our blood and soul.

We can ignore it, but it is there. You can feel it in a smile that reminds you of me. I feel it in lacking and the abundant.

The world may have given us a thousand reasons to be apart, but all we need is just one to defy it’s cold logic.


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Sometimes events in life are derailing of thought and all plans. You cannot understand how life really is until the one’s who are life are gone. It is a matter of time when you loose the sight of who you are as you realize that whatever you are you saw them in the people you once loved and who loved you. Without that system of checks and balances you are free, but in the worse possible way. A dog without an owner is free but it is no fun. It may work for some but for most it is not ideal. Now as I travel this path alone once again and perhaps for good this time, I wish for strength not company. I don’t wish for help or a shoulder to cry on, I wish for strength. To see through the few good things that are left in me. To at least give comfort the one’s I love that I am not all that bad. If you know me, pray for me, I will be forever grateful.

My greatest wish in life is to help, but my thoughts and life’s practicality could never be balanced. It is not necessary that I do this alone all the way, but it is necessary that I begin this alone and hope that my loved one’s will see it and join me.

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Lost my way, when I did not know

Only remember some packed bags

which may belong to you,

You walked away on a path of your own

I stayed on around the same road


My foible your love.


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