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You tore my heart out. Ripped it out. Know it, that you did that. But guess what I still love you.



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Maybe it is not something some women think about. However for a “Man” (not boys) his world quite possibly revolves around his wife. A person whom he finds the softness that he can never really show the world out there. Fears he has that he can tell her. A need to be touched that he can finally show by hugging her tight.

A wife to some men is beginning and the end of their world, a compass, a barometer, a friend a canary in the mines of life.

You would think that some men think they can mess with that. Don’t fuck with another man’s wife, don’t try to play daddy to his daughter. Because let me tell you, if the other man is someone like me, you will find yourself in a world of hurt should anything go wrong.

Wife, the only person a man truly wants to trust. That don’t come easy.

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