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  • They say life is a test, I guess everyone is tested differently.  For me it has been the same trial, alone. Alone in a fight,  alone in love, alone at work and alone at home. I have been a misfit all my life, it has always been this way with exception of a few years here and then. I have been alone long enough to know it won’t kill me or drive me insane. I have also been alone long enough to know that sometimes it gets old. 

    I have been with those who have used my ability to be alone to provide me love enough to keep me around, while they pursue their lives. Hey, it Wasn’t like I would change over night and learn to do what is best for me. 

    • When your strength becomes your curse, it is time to be suspicious of it. It is a good omen to question yourself. For me it is time to understand that we all don’t get what we always want. But, more importantly if I am to die alone it would never be because I waited for those who would never come. False hope is just that, false. 

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