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Religious leaders

What if to become an Imam, Priest, Rabi, Pandit etc, they are at minimum required to have a bachelors degree in science of their choosing?
Moving forward I will only be willing listen to someone who has formal basic education along with religious study. Enough of blind leading blind.

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Light and Dark

In the shadows where the sun is not welcome, a memory of the light remains. The only light I have known, in it’s absence I find the value of it’s presence, that I may not have fully appreciated at one time. So much time has passed in the shadows that the memory is a fear if it comes true. So comfortable in the dark that light is no longer a need. Mind tells me the light out there is better but my heart is now full of fear.

We wish for something all our lives,but are we truly ready to receive it? What we wish for, do we understand it fully or is it an idea that we chase. Are we ready to face that what we wish for and what burdens or pain it comes with?

Are we better off finding in ourselves to be content with what we have? Or does that hinder evolution or progress?

Perhaps the answer lies in the balance, in our ability to appreciate what we have here now, in this moment. In our control of our wants, our want to compare today to a better tomorrow. Maybe a better appreciation of today is better sought than a today spent in preparation of tomorrow that is a maybe. Maybe a some time is set aside for tomorrows arrival but most spent appreciating today.

Take a sip of our favorite ice cold beverage on a hot summer day or a warm one on a cold day. In that instant both season are beautiful. In that moment you would rather be there than in any other time or place.

The dark and light are within me, maybe if I can find a way to be content in my skin, maybe than I can use the dark to dream and the light to make those dreams come true.

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