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There isn’t always an excuse or a way out. It maybe an argument of the intellectuals that destruction and construction are evolutionary processes. I may even be an example of that. I can even see how myself and my life has changed for the better by the mishaps I cannot seem to recover from, but the collateral in some cases was too much.
It is true that what happened was causation of two individuals not one, however only one of us was responsible for the circumstances that set off the most terrible events of our lives.  The guilt I carry was not forced upon me, it is rather a realization of the role I played.
To test something with the knowledge of its weakness is reckless and irresponsible. To bend something or someone out of shape and into a Form that you then disagree with is not easy to live with.
I remember and intend to never forget your true being. I won’t be me if I didn’t try to convince the world off it. I will defend your honor until my last breadth,  that is the only way I know. I ask nothing off you in return,  except an effort by you, to return to your former.

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