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FUCKING weakling

All I seem to know are spineless beings. People with so much faith in their righteousness, that it’s bright reflection blinds them to the cruelty of their acts. In a paralyzing and horrific way I see passive aggressive people. Hiding behind relations as a brother,  an ex wife or a loved one. My attorney looked at me funny when in my will it doesn’t allow anyone at my funeral but my kids.  The people who never got off their pedestals long enough to hear me out should stay there. They say that if many people pray for your forgiveness,  God will grant it. I hope a few would do in my case. I figure since he knows the truth, I should be okay. Besides empty are their prayers, just as their promises.
For those of us who keep choosing to live as if this life is permanent, It is going to be source of great grief to find out it is as fickle as a flame in the wind.  Who claim to be learned they seem to be deaf to quiet voices.

Pray on the weak, because that is the extent of your capacity. A mother should treat her child better.

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