My duty

It isn’t that some of us don’t want to be around people, it is that some people have made us feel that we shouldn’t be around. Some people came into our lives and made us feel like we have no hope. As if we are untouchable and better, hidden on the bookshelf like a book that the librarian believes no one would understand.

How I deal with being made to feel that way by someone, whom I tried to save and she ended up pulling me under to pull herself up? By understanding that what else would she do? If you spent a large part of your life in cold water half frozen? It is no telling what you would do to get out. No one had a gun to my head to go after this person, to save them. The decision was mine and mine alone. Did I expect different? Yes, but I should not be doing deeds based on reaction of other’s, but do them to for simpler reasons, such as helping another soul in need.

To push me down to a point where I cannot see myself is not something one human being should do to another. However it is my duty to remember who I am.

A broken mirror will show you broken, understand that and know, that even a mirror cannot always tell the truth.

Remember yourself, know who you are. If you do not like yourself then change it a better version.

Remember that everyone is not qualified to give you advice or criticize you. Too often we let words though, that are meaningless. For words, spoken in anger are usually a reflection of the person speaking.

It is your duty to be good and know the difference between good and bad.

It is your duty to hold yourself accountable. If you are good then believe in yourself and be proud.


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