Fuck the people who spend their lives pretending to be good. People who hate themselves so much that they define it as love for themselves.  You are nothing but a self obsessed punk and a bully.

Fuck pretentious fucks, who play mind games with simple fucking people and make other’s seem bad while they are root cause of lies, evil and deceit.

Fuck the douche bags who cannot admit when they are wrong and when we admit and apologize,  they call us weak.

Fuck the bitches who want only,  what a few deserve. Rise up to inspire love, not buy or manipulate your way into it. There is a reason why she is worth waiting all my life for and you are NOT.

Fuck the back stabbing mother fuckers who write shit on the internet or talk shit behind people’s backs. You are a cunt sir or madam. Have something to say? Pick up the fucking phone or come say hi.

Fuck the mother fuckers who tell me or anyone else to give up, that mistakes can not be fixed, that one cannot prove otherwise if they tried hard enough.

You are a leech on others lives if you believe in negativity more than the positive.  Fucking die already and remove your poisonous shadow from others and let them GROW!


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