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Muslim Rulers

You should be ashamed of yourselves. 50 fucking countries cannot pool together to build a safe facility? Are you fucking kidding me? At what point does someone say enough is enough. Stop fucking maids in rented mansions in Beverley Hills and racing your million plus dollar cars on the streets. Do you actually believe anyone respects you? You are a fucking bunch of clowns, the Kardashians of Arabia. God gave you everything man can imagine and you piss it away like you had a right too.

ISIS, Al Qaeda, Boko Haram 50 of you cannot get together and clean up your mess? No longer do I give a shit about you or your corrupt leadership. You have sold your people for generations and you think praying 5 times a day will save you? You are responsible for your people and you will answer for them in front of your maker.

It is the Europeans that had to come to the aid of “your Muslim brothers”, How do you look at yourselves in the mirror? How do you justify your existence as a person who promises to protect these poor people as their sworn leader?

The tragedy at Haj is an annual occurrence and you said it is beyond human control? God needs to come down and teach you how to manage traffic or anchor a fucking crane? The blood of these people rests on the management of the mosque.

You fucking suck at your jobs and for that alone you should all fucking go away.

You have allowed the religion to be hijacked and made it’s name synonymous with unthinkable and absolutely forbidden acts of terrorism. You are fucking cowards to stand by and watch this. Fuck you and your fucking money and power.

I am glad I call America home, at least I am treated like a person. You couldn’t afford me that because you do not value human life. You fucking make me sick. The asshole who was racing his car on the streets I hear said fuck America. Well little bitch say it to my face. I will show you what it means to insult America. We live here this is our home and we don’t need nor want your bitch asses to come here and make it bad for us. Fuck you and your shit hole.

To the one’s confused, yes I am Muslim.

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Terrorist- Boston

How do I say this gently, Fuck you, fuck your family and the hell hole you crawled out of. You are a looser and a piece of shit. I hope you burn in hell for eternity. I hope you bled to death some where on a street corner in boston realizing what you have done to people who have lost lives and limbs. Because selfish cunts like you an entire religon is blamed.

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