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One of these days I will sleep.

 Until then I will work and wait for the day I am free. 

I don’t dream of a rescue anymore, no where I want to be.

Nowhere, I trust you to take me.

Here, in this quite outpost a million miles away from you.

I stay alone, but I can be me.

No one to call me a liar or to praise my good deeds.

Just me and my demons dancing by the fire, pretending to be free.

We may lack sleep or your loving embrace, but here we are naked without inhibition.

Away from your dark world, where survival is victory.

Slander my name, defame me to your hearts content, but alone at night that feeling you can’t describe, that is me.

You say I ran away and didn’t fight, Defeating the one’s I love is no victory, to me.

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Child abuse

Child abuse is a strong term, however it’s strength lies in legal ramifications associated. The real child abuse never gets any attention, consider the time elapsed between physical harm and the beginning of it. It begins with regret mother’s or father’s build for that child.
Innocence of children is innocence of angels. You are probably a vermin if you choose to exploit that.
A mother truly has a God given right to her child, there isn’t any dispute there. I can’t imagine the feeling a mother has for offspring and it truly is a privilege to feel that way about another person.
A mother who abuses that privilege is damned, in this world and the next.

The only real compass and belief a child has is words of her mother. To corrupt that for any sort of gain is probably a sin.

When a mother uses her child’s trust to resurrect revenge on her father, she is truly damaging that child for life. Calling the father names, falsifying truths, creating friction between the father and child are double edged swords. No matter how well one can play the victim, the consequences of this blame game will leave only one real victim, damaged for life. That is the worst kind of abuse. It leaves no visible marks but it scars a child for the rest of their natural lives.
Chinese saying “Disaster comes from the mouth”. All your efforts, all the running around, all the higher education means nothing if you cannot raise a good person. For you to pollute the purest is evil, it is unforgivable.
‚úč Stop before it’s too late. Majority of people are not bad by birth, they truly are products of their environment.

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