I cannot fight to replace the one that has ruled my heart, what now seems an eternity. I hide many battles, betrayals, lies and disappointments within me. I can no longer hold the flood of fear, bitterness and cold this world has deposited in me. I need to let it go and let the warmth in. Like Johnny Cash said:

The first time ever I held you near
And felt your heart beat close to mine
I thought our joy would fill the world
And would last ’til the end of time, my love
And would last ’til the end of time.

After tasting the heavens it is hard to settle for anything less. Is it my fault that I felt your heart as if it was mine? If you recall I said to you ” that heart beat is mine”. Yet you may have shared yourself with another, and not too lie as did I. I still never found that home, I left in you. I only wish now that you had done the same, so we may return to the only home we knew.

1 life, 1 love.


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