I am not one of “them”

Another terror attack, another day to defend my beliefs and deny I am not “one of them”. The fact is that, I am not and it is tiring and just absolutely disheartening to have to constantly separate myself from these vermin. Why am I lumped into it? Simply because I am perceived to share the same beliefs.
.Well, we may have read the same book but we took different lessons. What I learned was respect. Respect for people, their beliefs and their values. I learned that I have to answer more for our behaviors towards our fellow man, than towards the maker. I learned that we have the same maker but we call him by different names. I learned that we all bleed the same, have similar needs and just want to live our lives as we wish them to be. I learned that God gave man free will to choose, if God the almighty has decided so, than who am I to question it. I learned that my beliefs do not make me superior to another person, my actions do. I learned that I made many mistakes in life just like people from other religions and cultures and I will be duly punished the same. I learned that we are all God’s children and we should not judge others based on their chosen path, there are numerous reasons for their choices most, only known to them and their maker. I learned that civility and courtesy to fellow men is more important than your prayers for your salvation.
We may have read the same book, but we did not learn the same lesson. I learned that the only war there is to be won, is the one within us, to not take the easy way, to not hurt others when angry, to not hate, to not judge the masses by actions of a few, to forgive, to allow God’s will to manifest itself, to respect and love your neighbour and to do good in your community without prejudice.
I learned that there are good people everywhere and this world exists because of them. I learned that God will not judge so much by your chosen religion or beliefs, but by your actions and intent towards his creation.
I am sad every time an innocent person loses their life. I do not know them, I do not know their beliefs or life story, I just know that their passing is a loss to us as human beings.
Terrorists and terrorism are acts of cowardice and I will not and do not stand for them. I am not a coward. Fuck ISIS and Fuck Radical Islam or any other belief system that condones such behavior

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