Cherish you

To be someone that others may cherish so your own may cherish you, sad.

To be a great man so the one’s who put you down the most may change their minds. Because the one’s that put you down the most were the one’s you loved the most. No one should be made to feel that way. But most of us do.

We all have our own Judas closest to us. The one’s who take the hope away from you often don’t see what their words do to you. ” get a real job”, “you will amount to nothing”, “you make less money then I do, what is this a joke”

Careful how you load your own failures onto the persons you love. If you want something get it yourself, and if you fail, don’t pressurize the next of kin or a loved one to get it for you. Live your own life. let others live theirs.


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