It is so much easier to hate, to just despise someone. It is so much harder, not your obligation and against most advice to keep seeing past their faults. To see the good and count the flaws as quirks we all have.

It is so much easier to say something and get it off your chest. Just blurt it all out, lay it out on the table. It is so difficult to stay quite, to not complaint and keep going based on your belief that you know the other party better.

The stresses we feel in life are mostly self created, some are removable but most are there to stay. So you may want to make your choices. Do you deal with them? or do you walk away? But just because you can walk away, should you? Dilemma I think all men and women have faced all through time that wanted to build something. So are you a builder, the mason or the resident?

No one I know wants to get live day by day, not knowing how it will end. Well maybe soldiers who have it in them to serve their countries, and that is why I carry immense respect for most of the. I read somewhere that soldiers don’t start wars, politicians do. Anyways, the point is that most people are not designed to evaluate situations every 5 minutes and it takes a toll on you. It takes a special kind of crazy to build something.

So I guess we all need to decide our place in life, understand the consequences and bare them with pride. I would say wear them like a badge, but those get heavy quick.


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