Trust in someone can change their lives. In the many wishes I, as person has, the biggest one is I wish you had trusted me. The moment when a person is all alone against a crowd, their eyes search for that one person whom they can rely on. If they were afraid to go against the crowd they would have never picked the fight, but even the greatest of fighters need support.

They day when I was found guilty in the only court that ever mattered is ingrained in my memory. I remember the place, the time, every object in that room. It was perhaps the single defining moment in my life. The moment when I had to believe me, when I did not believe myself. It is one thing to loose when your opponent is stronger or righteous, it is another when you gave up because the one’s you were fighting for are no longer your own.

To crush a human spirit it takes a loved one, never a stranger. To build confidence to fight it also takes a loved one.

Be careful what you say to the one’s who seek comfort in your words. You can literally break a person or give them the spirit they need to succeed. Hurting someone is easy, healing someone is harder. But you already know that, for you are yet to heal, I can tell by the way you cut others.

You wish to be enlightened and complex, yet you fail at simplicity. You say you understand trust but you only distribute as you see fit. You say you understand love, but you only love if you can possess.


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