It is entirely too convenient for people to dodge competition, by deeming their opponent unworthy off your effort. People in the business world do it all the time. A small soda maker will often say bad things about Coca Cola in company of it’s peers. Often making statements such as ” We are real soda”  or ” We are healthier” etc. What you really are is a small time player who lacks the vision to not just compete with Coke, but you can’t even make enough noise for them to buy you out. Same applies for many other small businesses. They have these bullet proof impermeable ceilings under which they rest in comfort of their mild successes.

Same carries over to friends and family. It is so much easier to deem someone so worthless, that you are unwilling to waste your breath on them. This someone could be someone you once loved and adored, today they are not worth a passing thought. It is your decision to let people go and it is understandable, but take your time and investigate the fact that the same person you put on a pedestal once is now worth less than a grain of sand to you. When it comes to family this is specially important. It is extremely important to be able to look past what is immediately obvious and what is comforting to you in your moment of loss.

People discard people today as if they have no value. What good is your love if it is only valid when their reciprocation of what you offer? Sometimes you fight to fight, because it is the honorable thing to do, not to win, not for the glory but you fight someone or something because your opponent needs someone to stand up to them. You may not even want too, but your loved one may need some resistance to realize life itself and for you to realize that you can go the distance if needed.

Compete against the greatest of odds, in life, in business and in love. For you never know what reward lays ahead and even if your did not survive the battle you can die in content of the fact that you truly tried. In God’s house result and efforts both matter. This world is little more generic in it’s selection of good men, out here successful men are often confused as good.

If mother Teresa, Edhi and Rosa Parks etc only did things for success many people would have no one. Some do it because it is what is the right thing to do, knowing that they will never be able to feed all the mouths or bring equality and justice to all, but they never gave up to the worse odds imaginable.

So compete, with life, with love and  by doing good to other whenever you can.


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