Our value on the offset is determined by the ones that value us. The value of things is not the same as the price of things. Therefore it is incorrect to assume that our value changes with the one’s doing the bidding. It maybe that our value stays the same, regardless if the person or persons around us are able to determine the price. If you lack taste you may buy the wrong thing at high price and you may pass on high value item even for a good price. Same is for people, you cannot accept what others say about you. You must know who you are and what you are worth. It is unfair to one’s self to allow others opinions to change you in anyway.

It is even more important to know who is passing judgement on you. The same way if a drunkard evaluates your Mercedes to be worth 500 dollars, would you accept? Now if the drunkard here is your own father and calls you worthless, why would your accept that? Maybe as a child these things had an impact on you, but as you get older you must learn to value yourself. No one but God may judge you, however that will also imply that God will judge you and no matter what name you call him, know the rules of the game.

I sought approval of people who had no right to even try to demand one. People who were broken inside, kept telling me that they were the best thing that happened to me, again and again they would say this. I believed them, my youth and my need to be around someone who cared allowed for this erroneous belief to manifest. How about if I was the best thing that happened to these hollow beings who insist upon their greatness. How about I showed them more care and love than their own parents ever did. Maybe I set the standard you now flaunt of what care is?

Regardless of what others think, each of us are valuable in our own unique way, that is the only truth. No matter how damaged or messed up you may think you are, you are a person a human being, remember that. This world is like a sand storm, it will always chip away on you if you let it. Protect yourself enough that you know when the storm has passed and you may come out and live again.

To the people who read this and know me. You know who you are, I know who you are, some of you took from me what was not yours to take. You are who you are because of me, some of you were lost souls that I spent years doing what I can to help. Some of you have thanked me for it, but some of you don’t seem to have it in you to admit to your faults. I am okay with that, but it does not entitle you to drag my name in dirt to make yourself feel better. For too long I have let it slide, but recently it almost cost me a second chance in life. So moving forward I want you to know that their will be consequences to your malice.

You may not value me, but I am certain you are not qualified too.


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