Sitting at an Ihop on a cold freeway stop in the great state of Montana, I have a dad and his 5-6 year old sitting next to me.
A beautiful sight, pure innocence and love. All that is good in the world is right on that table. He is helping her colour and spell things.
I am delighted to see this, but a part of me can’t help but wonder about Sofee. My kid is crazy smart, her poise her mannerisms are reflection of deep intellect.
Do attorneys really understand how they effect lives? I got mine ruined by a vengeful, malicious and broken one who had no right to be in family law business.
I am sure people suffer for the concequences of their actions, but this pain makes life hard to live.
I pray for these two strangers to always be like this and I hope someday I may eat some pancakes with Sofee.


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