Cycle of neglect

Sometimes the people are that are most straight forward seem the most the most twisted. We expect the worse from people and therefore we find it hard to believe that there is any more to most than what is heard on the news or on social media. When a person is truthful and the truth is inconvenient, than that person is usually put down and bullied for their part of the story. We want to live with one eye closed, like a pigeon who closes it’s eyes when it cannot fight danger. Much like children’s stories we still want to hide in our closets and wish the storm away. Unfortunately these storms are real and will not be penned away by your favorite author. The choices we make yield results we do not wish for, but when they happen we tell ourselves that this what we wanted. We lie to ourselves everyday to be able to cope with the reality, but if someones even makes us feel like they are lying it offends us. I feel like our skepticism on subjects is a reflection of our fears, lack of knowledge, hate and our own ability to do the worse. People who do not spend much time thinking someone will hurt them are usually optimistic in their outlook and evaluation of people they interact. People who hide either anxiety, have willfully done wrong, are uneducated as in lack knowledge or are not well traveled seem to have the hardest time believing anything or anyone.

A guilty person is not always wrong, a person who wins is not always right. A person who is quite in his or her demeanor is not always up to something and the person who moves about too much is not always going somewhere. What meets the eye is usually just skin deep. Your brother or mother whom you look down upon for your “good” reasons maybe hiding something deeper. A secret perhaps that hurts so much that they are afraid to reveal it and to avoid the subject they avoid you.

You have been having sex since you were sixteen, was it sex you were looking for or was it comfort. Comfort that the popular and friendly media made you believe was more than likely found in someone else. Was it your mother who’s neglect led you to seek what should have been inside your home, outside? Did you think your stories reflected fun or did I see pain? What you think I saw and what did I see may have never been the same.

Life is not that hard but for darn sure we have found ways to complicate it. We exist in a cycle of neglect which creates some lonely souls. To survive they learn to  lie, they start believing in strangers with candy and then they get hurt. Those who hurt so much inside can barely care for anyone else and the cycle begins.


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