Hey kid,

Hope you are doing well. I hope because that’s all I can. If I told you my worth as a man, your innocent mind wouldn’t understand. It is not much but today, but someday it will be in millions. Because me alone was not enough. No matter what you hear your dad weeps for you each day, never forgetting your sill ways. I wish I am there when you need a hug, a kiss or need me to chase away a bug. I wish I am there on a Sunday morning to make you some eggs and a pancake or two perhaps. If I could just take to school to make sure your shoes are super cool. Buy you some candy and hide it from momny, you can blame the cotton candy stuck in your hair on daddy.  Teach you to ride a bike or fly a kite. I wish, I wish I can kiss you goodnight.
There a times when I just cannot breathe. Times when life just seems so hard. I pull over on the side because I can’t carry on. But I believe that I can be forgiven. Kid if you ever feel I left you, you should know, that I left so I can stay. My baby doll, life was always hard for your dad, I never understood it’s rules and restrictions. The way of the world was always something that I could not understand, until I lost you to it.
But, your oldman is not quitting. I want you to know that I will come back for you soon. Because you are my life and I want to live. I miss you so very much. I have so much to say but I can’t phrase it all. I pray for you every day. I love you sweetheart. No matter what anyone says you are my heart beat.


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