Automotive “journalist” everywhere seem to think that a brand is forever cast into producing a certain type of vehicle. It is like saying that every Muslim is a terrorist and every Catholic a child molester. Rough analogy? I don’t apologize.

Mercedes Benz is a mark that enjoys or suffer a stereo type, luxuriously soft. Bullshit, I have now driven almost every model made 100 thousand combined miles. I am and was BMW affection-ado, love them up to the E46 and some E90, hate the E60 and F chassis. Thanks to the waste of money and time on an E90, I accidentally hoped into an S500. Well, this boat when driven with the proper amount if insanity and some suppressed inner death wish, was magical. If you have a heart of quail than stick with your WRX. But if over steer makes you smile and big cars making bigger slides make you giggle like a school girl, than drive a big body Benz.

Enter the latest SLS. If you cannot drive it fast, there is something wrong with you. It can flow like water, or dice like a warm knife through butter. The V8? responsive, silky and beastly. A gentle beast if you may. Chassis talks to you, tires hang on to you like your ex who knows she is too ugly to land another handsome you.

This is the car for gentleman racers. If you are neither, stick to your M6.

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