I guess the title of my blab here is pretty much an insight on how I feel about these rats ( No offense to rats here). As a Muslim, how can anyone (or any other faith) support these people? How does someone agree to join this, madness should be the greater issue. It greatly concerns me, that according to news reports about 100 Americans have joined these people ( I use the term people loosely). What state of destitution were these poor soles or assholes were in that succumbed to joining the easiest path to hell?

It is frightening to think that someone would join these fools. However all Muslims and Muslim wannabe’s MUST know that this is absolutely forbidden. Under no circumstance are you as a Muslim allowed to shed blood or hurt someone without any cause. Specially women and children have special considerations even during time of war. Killing innocent civilians is just pure cowardice and is murder. If you do such things, you have one guarantee, hell. Habibi if you think your desert is hot, wait till you get there.

I am the first one to say that I don’t really go to the mosque any longer. I pray, but I do not go to a mosque because each time I have been there, they have spent 90% of time telling me how I can save myself. Well, that is not the sole purpose of a mosque. The original idea was a clean place to worship and where the community can benefit, meet each other and come up with betterment programs. The community here does not mean just Muslims, it means the fucking community you live in. My cranky Jewish neighbor lady, who yells at me for parking in her spot and gives me potatoes to eat and my surfer dude usually high neighbors are my community . That is my community, those are my direct neighbors and I want to know how I can help all of them. I want to know that we are building a free clinic, or a hospital or something other than save yourself speeches.

Islam is inclusive not some cult where you can only benefit by joining. Most Muslims understand this, but they need to speak. Fuck the Mullahs who say we cannot associate with others, we can, and it is in the Quran along with guarantee that no matter what religion one is from they will be rewarded for their good deeds.

MUSLIMS! stop pretending you are better, stop thinking you are better. We are all the same, with same basic needs. Get an education, grow a pair of balls and say no to lost causes and wrongful efforts. Speak up and against terrorism, stop being a pussy about kicking some ass when you hear a fellow Muslim speak ill of where he lives and eats.

Move if you don’t like it here. I am happy here, I am more than happy here and I will defend my community no matter what, whether they are Jews, Christians or whatever they choose to be.


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