Class and depth

As I fall and rise through the tides of my life, I see the bottom and the top. I see the one’s gasping for air and see the one’s comfortably submerged in their preferred Oceans. I see that some fully satiated in every delight available, still find it hard to share. To lend a helping hand or even an ear to those who need it. It is sad, and discouraging. The only hope is for me not to be like either. To believe that when I have too much I will share indiscriminately amongst my fellow citizens. I realized how I have changed, I realize that loosing something  can turn you two ways. Either you will remember the pain and not have the heart to let anyone else suffer or you will remember that pain and will make sure you don’t ever suffer. I have chosen to mend more hearts than I have broken. I guess I repent but someone once told me, actions speak louder than words. At times I just want to have enough to share, so that I can prove to some that I am not in it for myself. I know I will get there, but I also hope that the one’s I want to see it happen, will still be around.


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