I see a lot of posts about Palestine from Muslim folks. Where are the leaders now, we need America to interfere as usual? Than they turn around and hate us? Anytime the Muslim leadership is ready to join the civilized world I think they are ready. Corrupt MotherF$%Rs let women and children die and do nothing but condemn, not even that with any pure intention of helping. Peace will not be achieved with violence and hate only death and destruction will be achieved by that. Educate and learn not fear what you do not know, by knowing it. Learn and resolve issues with intelligence, not by burning shit in your own country.

You do realize that our own Prophet PBUH moved his entire people from one place to another to avoid blood shed?

What the fuck is wrong with you people? You lost the war move the fuck on. Getting women and children killed by putting them in harms way just so you can prove what? Nothing, you are a fucking dumb ass who lost and now will die pretending you did not. Your leadership is corrupt, you fear the west like it is a disease but at the same time use their research and education to cure yours.Leave that land, just leave it. No one in their right mind will touch your holly sites, you can have a U.N charter drawn to the effect. Get the fuck out. Do not play victim, time to move on and let there be peace. I know some of you will get mad reading this, but when you fight, one side must loose, it is the nature of war. Why would God interfere when you are the one’s who started this crap. Do not bring God into this, you have done this and you are reaping what you sow.

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