Stress is at an all time high, I have so much going on that I am loosing control at times. For the first time today in a very long time I actually got overwhelmed. I so wish that I could have someone to help me without fleecing me every damn time. The way these people come and go in my life, only reaffirms my belief that I may have missed my one chance of having a champ in my corner. This sucks man, this truly blows. I have been working since 7 am this morning it is now 9 pm. Now I get to go find food, come back finish the work and start on the fleet work at 6 am. Hard work is second nature to me, but man I need to relax once in a while. I worked through the entire holiday weekend and I Cannot seem to sleep a good wink. Everyone who sees me asks me if I have been sleeping? Well no and I really just want to sleep for good 10 hours. But it is always a roller coaster ride. I have gone blind looking for cars, I swear if you thought I knew cars before I can now honestly say you do not have to search the internet I can even tell you by the state which car is hot and how much. I hope this pays off.


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