Building a business

Building anything is difficult, building a successful business is a pain in the ass. The new work force is more worried about raises and benefits than doing their job well. People come in and say I have a Masters degree and I can help with this project. Upon their first inquiry I tell them that THIS IS A START-UP do you understand what that means? Yes I do. 2 weeks later, this is too much work. WTF made you think that this was not a lot of work? the words ” this is not for everyone” ” we all do everything we can as a team” ” hours are long” ” I am sure there are easier ways for you to make money” Etc. Etc even register to these highly educated people? Sure we try to pay the best we can, sure you get equity, yes you can see that we are on the right track, but we are also at the beginning stages and out goals are hefty. I am not aiming “okay” I am aiming to prove something.

When I worked for a start-up or helped with another I worked freaking 20 hours a day and they still have not paid me… ha ha. It is life, I made the choice, I rolled the dice and I lost. BFD. Shit happens, you dust off and move on. I don’t discount that experience, I learned a lot and got know one of the best people I have ever met.

Come on people, work hard quit your bitching and learn constantly. Things happens for reason, if you don’t keep an open mind, everything will be a an accident. Take charge, see and invest your time wisely. Do not waste anyone’s time, your need to find yourself is way to expensive for someone like me. My company is not a place at this time for people to seek themselves.

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