I am

I am a flawed man. I have made mistakes,  I have done things that I regret every single day. I have hurt people who loved me and broken promises and trust. Yes I have done those things. I am guilty of it and as such I work day and night to fix it.

I am a person.  A person no one believed when I needed some to. I was upset, I was angry but I now understand how and why that could have happened.

I am wrong in my assumptions of what other people value, seek or need. Just because I don’t value something it doesn’t make it less valuable to others.

I was innocent,  yet I was prosecuted for things I never did. I see how that happened and how my actions lent to that.

I ran when I should have stayed and I fought when I should have walked away. My temper used to be my own worst enemy. It is no longer the case.

It is time. I have found my groove,  I now know where I am going, I now know who and what is important.

But, all that has changed.  I sat there and found my flaws,  I am taking responsibility for me.  However that now includes that I no longer suffer for what I did not do.

It is time to pay my debts and collect what is owed.


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