After man hits a certain point in life, by a miracle it dawns on a man in the dark. The life he may have lived was dark. He did not see what he wanted too, so he closed his eyes to what was in front of him. When somethings shatter they can never be put back together, the feel is different the touch changes. He realizes that nothing interests him, he lives and exists to repair the damage. He wishes she will see him struggling and walk over and say I see it. Morale is low, strength depleted but he goes on towards the only home he may have known. Many places he found for himself but home was a feeling he tied to another being. It no longer matters the room or the doorway, he does not sleep much anyways. It is alone that he travels, companions all abound. It is not the matter of hate, or regret. It is a matter of belief that he only felt in her. Absence of that being, let’s him see but not feel. If there is to be another life, he will know better. If there is to be another touch of her hand, he will never let it go. He promises this to himself and begs for her mercy. All the while knowing, that she does not hear him, knowing that she may have given up and walked away. In his solace he realizes his mistakes. In his Solace he reminds himself, debt must be paid…  


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