Woman from San Jose


You are a like a broken knife in my rib cage. I cannot seem to remove you and you haunt me in day time and night. When awake and asleep. Enjoy killing someone who meant no harm. Enjoy the ignorance you live in, just so you may feel better and have it easy. Guess what? If it makes you smile and sleep better, so be it. 

How would you even think I would do such things on purpose? How would you even believe that I would have ever betrayed you in such a manner. Your doubting me made me doubt myself for 5 years now. 5 fucking years I spent questioning my shadow, my capabilities, trusting my own instinct. The pain the pure torture you put me through, simply because you were too arrogant. Despite of all of this, even today I never wished you ill, I never once wished you harm. You ruined my life and yet I pray for you to be happy. Replace me, if you can.


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