Some low life’s have been making comments about me because they can’t find anything better perhaps. So I figured this the best place to make position clear on certain matters.

Racist remarks: I have heard them all my life. They don’t bother me much as they show your ignorance and a basic lack of an education. Since Pakistan is in Asia and not the Middle East. That is your free lesson in Geography my hiding behind racism friends.

Terrorism: I will speak in a language that the ignorant fools can unmistakably understand.

Fuck Terrorism
Fuck Terrorists
Fuck Taliban
Fuck Al Qaeda
Fuck radicalism in Islam and any other religions that it exists in.
Honestly since we are being honest, I don’t even like organized religion because it has lost focus on why it was organized in the first place. It is now a pissing contest of how many likes.

I volunteer for any law enforcement project that brings these people down. I despise these filthy deceitful scumbags and if I can help arrange their departure from Earth I will help any agency anytime. 

I hope this makes it clear.


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