Father – The undesirable

I found out through a friend of mine in the court system that my daughters name had come up. Come to find out that my better half has deemed it unnecessary for my child to have my name.  For four wonderful days I contemplate what I should do.

Last night at 9 pm after a long 16 hr day I decided to drive 400 miles over night to see if I can stop this nonsense.

My checks are welcome, the inheritance will possibly be appreciated and constant roughing up by the so called family system is surely of some  entertainment value and a source of satisfaction to the mother.

My question is, who is looking out for the child? And who really cares about this family?

Mother is blatantly manipulated by her attorney, I get to go for a ride, but where is the interest of that one little person that this is supposedly about?

Answer is, road to hell is paved with good intentions and Lawyers like Nicole did the paving.

Well , I cannot give up on my daughter, I guess that means I shall continue to fight however insignificant I may be.

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