State of mind

Yesterday I saw a woman with sign at the corner of one of the richest neighborhoods in America. The 8-9 year old was holding a sign with her mom and an infant child, saying Room wanted. I had this moment of complete freeze. I did not know what to do and since there were 20 other cars on the light I was hoping someone else would.

My mind was racing with ideas, but I succumbed to the fear of being taken as in some scam. I am angry at myself for not getting over it and helping. I don’t have a place for them but I could at the least paid for a motel room for a few days. This is the moment when I realize how warped I have become in recent years. I have allowed my fears to dictate my muscle memory, because I wouldn’t even think twice before helping. Some people would call it maturity, I call it a damaged state of mind.

New mission is to restore that muscle memory by doing things no matter how stupid they sound to me or anyone else. At the end of the day I have to answer for my actions and I would rather have done than have not.


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