Many a whispers are heard, people whom faith and belief has left. People who are more concerned with practicality and results than the life it takes to burden through “just being there”. What if every human through our history only concerned themselves with tangible results. Would anyone ever really love or die for another. Would there be a faith or Religion of any kind, if we only believed in what we can see, or what we can achieve?
Will there be dreams in such a place, events and minds that inspire? What will happen to people who had fallen, will they be allowed to get up and start over or will they be executed or punished for their failures?

Everyone I know tells me that you have turned, that you have become evil. But you know what? I will forever believe you to be who you truly are, the person I know and love. I do not know how to see you any other way. I keep getting told to walk away, so much lies ahead. But I believe that even though I may be wrong, I believe that you are you. I see the good, the love and the kindness in you. I need you to believe me the same way, but even if that is not to be, it changes nothing.

If I was wrong about you, I just don’t want to be right. I want to believe in you and I always will. Hating you in never the option.


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