Great news for the racist, your favorite activity is alive and well. When dirt bag evo owners used to call me names behind my back i thought it was funny. Now that I am looking for housing in Nevada and Socal it is not funny. When you can see someone’s facial expressions change as they realize the person on the phone how seemed white is actually brown. Good news for me I can afford to get a place, however it shocks me still, that in this day and age there is an issue.

But, can I really blame them? We now officially live in a world where you can know someone for years and they go out and kill someone or blow something up. Case in point Boston bombers.  So to all the people who were hesitant to rent me a place, it is okay I understand, I am not sure what I would do if I was in your position.

I remember SF in 1998, no questions no stupid comments, hand shake and a smile, the place was yours. I rented from and to, never a problem. The world has changed and not for the best. Now when I hear old timers say ” good’ol days” it makes a lot more sense.

As for me, I still have love for all man kind. Can’t just get offended, have to see why someone would offend you. Mostly it is innocence, ignorance and a need to protect themselves. Rarely people like Josh, Steve and Paul are just assholes….. ha ha

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