There are many kinds of theives. The worse are the one’s who steal your hope and faith. People Like J, JD, JB and Walter etc. You mother fuckers are slow poison. You take what you want and destroy what is left. Not caring how it effects someone else. You come first. Well life has a way of getting even as can be seen by the general direction of your lives.

My advice to man kind, take money, take possesions but don’t take some one’s hope, dont fail and throw someone else under the bus. You dont have to nor can you win or have everything. Just learn to loose with grace. Throwing tantrums and lying enough to make yourself believe is no way to get anywhere. While you did not get what you want, you took away my faith in people. But, me being me, I believe you losers are the exception to the rule. Now tell yourself how you are a victim and enjoy you pitty party. As from me Fuck YOU!


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