Death of a warrior.

Death of warrior.

Heard off misplaced loyalty? That is how Mitsu makes me feel each day. A company that has so much potential, proven potential is going to utter waste due to ____________, arrogance, management, not being in touch with consumer etc etc.

So this is my, and many many other loyalists request to Mitsubishi Motors. Wake up and work. Stop selling crap cars that we both know you made thinking you will please the American market, with no actual research. Reverse engineer a damn Camry if you have too but stop with half ass stop loss measures. You fucking SUCK rightnow, but you can fix that, so fix it.

What the hell is imev anyways? Go buy a leaf and figure it out. If you die here it will be the fault of you and you alone. Do not dare blame the “American” market. OH and let me the first to say, your new 3 banger is going to fail, have you seen the size and lengths of freeways here? Stop being stupid and instead of killing the EVOLUTION fucking kill your management. Get new people who may have a clue.


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